Singapore city

Life in Singapore

All around the world we can find cities focused on Digital, like Singapore. Last month, we have highlighted the dynamism of California, especially San Francisco. Now, our journey continues and brings us to Southern Asia, for an original experience in Singapore. The Merlion city is part of the most dynamic countries in the world, with one of the best quality of life. Take your cameras, take some notes, and enjoy this experience !  

Singapore, the pearl of Asia

  Located on the southern part of Asia, under Malaysia, Singapore is a “City State”. This country has no less than 63 islands, and is considered as one of the richest and powerful countries in the world. What is unique with Singapore is that a huge part of the country is composed by green areas, such as forests, natural reserves and parks. Singaporeans are living in the southern part of the country, close to downtown and skyscrapers. Standard of living is so high that Singapore is one of the most expensive countries in the world to live. So if you plan to live there, or just to visit this place, try to save money before.  

Working in Singapore is possible, because one of the national spoken language is English – they also speak Chinese, Tamil and Malay. Once you go there and visit, you will be able to see that Singapore is a real melting pot of origins and cultures : indians, chineses, malays, indonesians… Laws are rude there, in order to keep the city safe and clean : this is not dangerous at all to walk alone in the city, even if it is close to midnight !

Some funny laws in the city daily life

Some laws are quite funny; for example, it is totally forbidden to chew gum in the streets, because you could be arrested by the police. Wherever you will go, you will never find gum in shops. You can not bring a fruit in public places or in public transports, because if you do so, you will have to pay a penalty of 500 SGD (which is huge). This fruit is worldwide known because of its smell, which is really disgusting : the durian.

This fruit is appreciated by singaporeans and is sold everyday on open markets. Another “fun fact” about life in Singapore : only 15% of people are living in houses ! When you see that the lowest monthly rent for a house is $10,000, it could be baffling. People are living in HDBs (85% of them), which are apartments with the lowest monthly rates. For richer people, Condominiums are apartments with swimming-pools, gym, or kindergarten. These places are often occupied by foreigner working here and rich singaporeans. Another jewel is the place where you can find Marina Bay Sands, one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

There are three big towers, at the top of which there is a restaurant, a bar and a huge swimming pool; the biggest and highest in the world.  Singapore is both a city turned on tourism... And also a city with a high economic dynamism due to international business and Digital.  

Marina Bay Gardens Singapore
The country is known for its business opportunities.

Being a business owner in Singapore

  We have seen that Singapore is a rich country with a huge melting pot… With a dynamic touristic dimension, but also a real business impulse. At the heart of the asian business routes, Singapore has the best position to claim and to attract foreigner. That is one of the reasons why this country has so much new entrepreneurs who are creating their business there. It would not be a lie if we say that the whole country is trying to be a “smart city” : ease people’s lives, ease their shiftings with autonomous cars, use low polluting technologies and materials to build a nation which is nature friendly. As a consequence, a lot of new companies are focused on these challenges, in order to build and offer the cleanest solutions to be part of a revolution.

Despite its status of most developed city, Singapore is continuing its growth day after day. Google for example, which has built a center in Singapore plans to recruit more than 3,000 people to work for their singaporean engineering center.    Amazon which is also a worldwide reference has opened in 2017 their Asian Headquarters in Singapore… Because of the dynamism and the central position of the country in Asia. They have hired more than 120 people and continue their growth. The french group Accor Hôtels has also built and opened a luxurious hotel in Downtown Core. “Cococrico !”  

A new place to be for business… and culture

In Singapore, people have reinvented their city, and their nation. They have built a model of smart city together, and everyone is working on improve the development of the Merlion. The multi-cultural heritage gives to the country a real plus. It attracts people to invest in the country, create new concepts and establish new companies, turned on future and progress. There is no doubt to have about the next decades for Singapore; a model for all the nations of the world.